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Annarehab Newsletter January 2021

We started 2021 off with a bang! with our January Holiday Programme. During which time we covered the importance of worming our animals and worming protocols. This included the children assisting Anna with FECs (fecal egg counts), and the kids then worming their own favorite horses. For all of them it was their first time administering a worming drench to a horse and they did it very well.

We also covered 'advance and retreat' horse training, spearheaded by Alicia with the new bridge that Mr. B (with help from the kids) installed in the arena. This was the perfect opportunity to introduce the kids to 'advance and retreat' as the bridge was a new obstacle for the horses.

And on the final day of holiday programme we went on a field trip, the second ever field trip we have organized and the first ever as part of a holiday programme. Its purpose was to allow our kids the opportunity to transfer the skills they have learnt with us onto horses they had never met before. The confidence boost this gave our children was wonderful to witness and we had our good friend Kendall Handcock there to capture all the magical moments. Any of Kendalls photos that you see here or on our various social media pages are for sale (in larger file sizes) if any family members would like a copy to print.

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