Anna Baigent 
(And Sexabeel The Horse)

Anna is the daughter of Gary and Maria and as such has had horses in her life from the very beginning. The family has, for most of her memory had at least one thoroughbred (OTTB) on the property and they grew on her slowly, to say the least.


But grow on her they did and she is now dogged in her determination to help showcase what a versatile, and forgiving, and resilient creature the exracehorse can be.

Upon completing tertiary education she resolved to work with thoroughbreds at all stages from foaling down at stud right through to full race training in order to completely understand what is asked/ expected of them as race horses always with the goal of being better aware of their needs immediately post racing and then being able to take them through to further careers.

Certifications/Qualifications: B.V.Tech

Alicia McCarthy

(And Sexabeel The Horse)

I have had a passion for horses most of my life, working with them and

riding through most of my teens. In 2018 I found myself in a place of trauma,

dealing with PTSD while trying to be the rock, foundation, and support for my

husband and children. This is when my journey with Annarehab began,

and I reached out to come visit. As I spent time connecting with the horses,

the loneliness and struggles of the PTSD melted away, this was not a 'quick fix' process

but rather months of reconnecting with myself and all the things PTSD had robbed me of,

like self worth, love, joy, hope, and laughter. My self connection and communication with myself and my relationships with others all blossomed in amazing ways. From here I started volunteering my time in holiday programmes, helped with schooling horses, and general helped where needed. This lead me along a journey that comes from the heart. I have spent the last 2 years learning more about horse behaviour, body language, and care. Gaining education in rehabilitation methods for horses with different injuries and needs. I am currently studying the Masterton method and Theragun massage, as well as relaxation methods under Anna such as OPP and RTRT programmes.

Liberty work is a passion of mine and I have learnt the many benefits of this in day to day work with our horses as well as arena training at liberty. This helped to create calm horses with trust and connection. I am soon to embark on a 6 week liberty internship with Kelly Wilson which will see me learn and develop new skills and memories.

My heart is to help the horses and children become the best versions of themselves.    

Annarehab 2IC

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Maria and Gary Baigent

Maria brings to the business some 25 years of classroom practice from infants to secondary school level and finished her teaching career as Deputy Principal of a rural primary school. She was drawn to and successful with children experiencing difficulties learning in a classroom setting, especially boys. She has been very close with horses since the age of 8, in a pony club and formal background. And in her later years hunting and trekking and onto liberty work. It's Maria's vision to move forward in her life buy marrying these two passions. She does this buy offering holiday programs and tuition upon request to all ages 8 years plus.


Gary is a recently retired dairy farmer of some 30 years and he is invaluable to the business and property for his building repairs and maintenance work. He also enjoys riding and caring for the horses. He holds a strong place in the family vision.

Certifications/Qualifications: Dip. Tching