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Annarehab Newsletter December 2020

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This is our first ever newsletter for the Annarehab page and I just thought we'd have a quick recap of the events of December.

What a month it has been! We've had a meeting with a Dunstan feed rep to learn more about how to get 'best bang for buck' out of our feed.

If you own horses and have not yet spoken to a feed rep about this I would highly recommend it. They are not just sales people they are compassionate, knowledgeable, horse owners themselves. I was lucky enough to meet with Zoie from Dunstan at the Farmsource Kopu equine nutrition day and she was more than generous with her time and considerable resources, making sure she ran everything about my horses past her nutritionist Gretel before making her final recommendations to me.

We've also got the website updated and will continue on with regular updates and newsletters thanks to the encouragement and guidance of Connor Lomas, without whom this would not have happened.

Our biggest event this month by far was the first ever Annarehab show.

The project of our 2IC Alicia who arranged for Annarehab ribbons to be printed for us way back in the middle of the year and who worked tirelessly to make this show happen.

Our categories were;

Best presented,


Walk and Trot,


and Fancy Dress.

We were blown away to receive sponsorship from Go Racing, Marsh Racing, and Farmsource Kopu, as well as an anonymous donator. And we could not have asked for a better team of judges, all of whom volunteered their time and expertise freely.

Photos were taken by KH Photography. I could not recommend her services more. She truly understands the horse and how to capture candid moments beautifully. I know how difficult it can be to find photographers who know how to photograph horses and Kendall did a truly outstanding job.

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